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Popular Wedding Food Trends for 2022

The past two years have certainly been challenging on the wedding and event industry. With so much unknown, many had to change their plans and guests counts, along with their service styles. Here are some popular trends we have noticed as we start 2022 off.

Light Bites and Charcuterie

How are you supposed to enjoy all the food if you are full by the end of the salad?

Many are opting for lighter bites to still keep guests happy before the main course is served.

One of our favorite lighter bites is a compressed watermelon with citrus mascarpone and pickled mustard seed and mint. It is light and refreshing, but still holds a lot of flavor and is sure to be a crowd favorite. Also, it makes a great summer hors d'oeuvre!

Photo taken by Anagram Photography

Another option that will become a popular choice for 2022 is grazing tables. Guests love being able to choose what cheeses, meats and fruits they can eat, and trying new things.A COVID conscious choice we have found to be a hit is individual charcuterie cones or plates.

Look at these amazing individual charcuterie boards! The father of the bride made the boards, we added the cheeses and meats!

Photo taken by Ally and Bobby Fine Art Photography

Elevated Nostalgic Foods

You don't have to serve caviar and canapés for guests to be happy (although no one will complain if you do). People still love their comfort food, adding creative ways to display it makes the food even better. Check out our blog post on some delicious and creative nostalgic foods that will surely surprise your guests - and their tastebuds. From chicken and waffles, to mac and cheese bites, and grilled cheese with tomato soup, there are so many options that can satisfy everyone’s cravings.

Mobile Cart

What’s better than guests getting some delicious food? Food being brought to them! With COVID-19 still changing the style of weddings, cart stations are a great way to bring food to the guests. From cheese carts, to taco stations, to even beverage carts, the possibilities are endless, and will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

Mobile carts can be a great addition to a cocktail hour when guests are mingling, and are a great option if you want something more filling before they sit for the reception. One cool way we have served food is in an usherette box, as pictured below!

Photo taken by Bowtie Collaborative

Late Night Munchies

What does everyone need after a night of drinking and dancing? Food! Whether it is something as simple as pizza, or something as elegant as fancy cheese boards, guests will appreciate something to munch on as the dance battles continue. Shown below is a late night food we did of churros and melted chocolate!

Photo by Tiffany L. Johnson Photography

That wraps up our predictions for this year ahead! Anything you think we missed? Leave it in the comments below.

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